Palm tree silhouette

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Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Draw a circle onto the watercolor paper, I use a compass
  2. Use the LePen flex and swipe the brush on the glossy surface.
  3. To start the wet on wet technique; use the water brush to dampen the whole area within the circle
  4. Add a drop of water to the inked area of the glossy surface and use the water brush to pick up the ink.
  5. Paint the first color (magenta) into the bottom 1/3 area of the circle. The ink will start to spread, move the color to fill in the area.
  6. Use the next color (amethyst) repeat step 2 and 4 but this time fill in the middle of the circle. Make sure the paper is damp where the ink blends to create a natural blending effect
  7. Continue with the last color (blue) and fill in the remaining blank space. Let the blue blend into the amethyst layer too.
  8. Wait for the painting to dry before continuing to the final drawing layer.
  9. Use a black brush pen to draw in palm tree. You can draw in 1 or 2 palm trees or draw in a group of them to create a scenic view.
  10. To draw a palm tree start with the trunk, draw a solid thick line, slightly curved base, or a long triangle base.
  11. Draw in the fronds: draw 4 lines angling outwards and downwards from the trunk, add lines along the 4 lines to create the silhouette fronds
  12. Your mini palm tree silhouette is done!


  • You can draw anything to create a silhouette. (Building for a cityscape or trees for a forest scene)
  • Before you add your silhouette, use white splatter to change the background blending to a galaxy sky
  • Try different border shapes too! Use a rectangle or triangle.

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